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Scott Aranha

“Growing up in the Bahamas, The Ocean has always been the focal point of my 


life. At an early age I became fascinated with what was hidden beneath the ever-

changing blue window. 


I started diving in the swimming pool at the Lyford Cay Club, and despite the fact 


that all I could see was concrete, and, some water inlets, I was entranced. I would 


have happily spent four hours at a time on the bottom of that pool, breathing in 


every last drop of compressed air my tank had to offer. 


Soon I was old enough to enter the Ocean, and my whole world evolved, this influx 


of life, and dance of colours suddenly filled the lens of my mask. From that day forth 


there was no question in my mind that I would end up somehow working in the 


ocean, doing what fascinated me, and playing with my obsession. 


My favourite living creature is the shark, the drastically misunderstood graceful 


beauty of the deep.


I became a certified diver at a very early age and at 18 visited Indonesia for an 


extended vacation diving at Raja Ampat…The following year I returned to Indonesia 


to dive in Cenderawasih Bay, with the whale . My dive experiences in Indonesia 


were magic.


I am now back in my homeland, and love diving in the Bahamian waters. I will 


happily kneel on the bottom of the sea for an hour waiting for a moray eel, or a tiny 


spider shrimp, to come out and pose for me.


Photographing sharks is my all time favourite pastime, but my love for all things 


marine is very deep, steeped in awe and respect for the amazing world that lies 


beneath the sea.”


“Live by the sea,


Plan by the tides,


Go with the wind,


And follow the sun.”

Scott and His Fiance Bianca

Scott at Work with the Sharks

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